How To Sell Your House

When you sell your house fast in Ocala to Integrity Home Buyers, it’s a very simple and straight forward process.

There are FOUR simple steps involved when you want to sell your house fast.  We have outlined them for you below:

STEP 1: Contact us and let us know you want to sell your house fast in Marion county.

This can be done by calling us here: (352) 399-4994, or submitting a Fast Response Form HERE

STEP 2: We’ll do a quick check on your house to see if it’s a fit.

We need to know the number of bedrooms and baths, square footage, any repairs needed (repairs needed are completely fine!), and a few other details that we’ll get from you.

STEP 3: We will make an all cash offer on your house.

If your house is a good fit for what we’re looking for, we will make an all cash offer. There may be other alternatives to buying, like owner financing or similar terms that may work well for you. We want this to be a win/win for both of us!

STEP 4: That’s it! We will set up the closing (done by another professional), close the transaction and you will be free to move on with your life and forget about the house.

We told you it was a simple process!

Remember, there is NO obligation whatsoever. We can make an offer and if it doesn’t fit for you, that’s just fine. We are professional house buyers who look for win/win situations. You need to be happy with the outcome!


If you have a house you’d like to sell in Marion County, we’d like to talk with you about buying it.

Where many would turn to traditional realtors to market and sell their house and greatly extend the length of the selling process, we can complete the process within 7 days, have cash in your hands and all without you having to pay a thing.

Just give us a call! (352) 399-4994

Forget about the days of sticking a sign in your yard and having people tromp through your house and your personal belongings. You can avoid all of that and get a fast, fair offer on your house in Ocala and the surrounding area right away.

We are professional house buyers (learn more about us here) who can quickly and discreetly buy your house in Marion County and the surrounding area for a fair price and close on the date of your choice.

Integrity Home Buyers

Homeowners turn to Integrity Home Buyers  when trying to sell their home in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Those wishing to move quickly and are uncertain about what to do with their property are working with investors more than ever before due to the convenience investors can offer to the home owner.

Overinflated real estate prices have resulted in many homeowners owing more than their house is worth. Being free of this type of debt can be as simple as speaking with us today about selling your property.

Best of all, we can handle all aspects of liens, code violations, bad tenants, inherited properties, foreclosures, as well as tax concerns, any open permits there may be and much more.

No matter your reason for selling – we can help you – fill out our form to get an offer right away, or give us a call to discuss it in further detail at (352) 399-4994.

Need To Sell Your House Fast?